Eye-level display

Most pictures/mirrors are designed to be viewed at eye-level - When hanging a group of pictures of different sizes align the top edges - Groups of pictures need not be hung in symmetrical patterns, but they should follow some sort of overall design.  Try arranging them on the floor first!

Arthur Mirror
The Arthur Mirror is simple and elegant. Framed in copper, it is ready to hang and will look stunning in any room of your home.
Price: $399.00
Beaded Black Mirror
This beaded black mirror has a delicate art-deco feel to it. With it's paneled edging, it is ornate and beautiful.
Price: $599.00
Hudson Mirror
The Hudson mirror, with its concentric design, is a really clever way of enhancing any interior space instantly.
Price: $349.50
RRP: $699.00
Looking Glass Mirror
The Looking Glass Mirror is incredibly elegant and versatile. It's muted silver frame will fit in well with a large range of design styles.
Price: $499.00
Malmo mirror
The Malmo mirror is neutral and minimalistic.
Price: $599.00
Rustic Bleech Timber Mirror
Mirrors are a clever way to instantly create a sense of space in a room.
Price: $499.00
Rustic Dark Timber Mirror
This beautiful timber mirror will not only enhance your space, it's rustic, earthy look will create a feeling of warmth.
Price: $499.00
Rustic timber mirror
The Rustic timber mirror has character and charm. It is stylishly bevelled and large enough to make an impact in your room.
Price: $399.00
Price: $899.00
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