Leather Sofas

Italian Made Leather Sofa
Price: $2,799.00
RRP: $3,499.00
Natuzzi Editions B859 modular
ideal for big families and large living areas, the Brutus can have either a right or left hand facing chaise.
Price: $7,199.00
RRP: $7,896.00
Natuzzi Editions B859 sofa
Natuzzi editions b859 4 seat leather sofa is a comfortable, customisable sofa, there are lots of versions that you can play with to get your perfect sofa
Price: $4,598.00
Natuzzi Editions B868 modular
Price: $5,299.00
RRP: $5,699.00
Natuzzi Editions B872 modular
Price: $8,499.00
Natuzzi Editions B875 sofa
Price: $2,499.00
Natuzzi Editions B888 love seat
natuzzi editions b888 leather sofa, in 20rc leather, grey leather, beautifully designed sofa
Price: $2,799.00
Natuzzi Editions B888 sofa
natuzzi editions b888 3 seat sofa, bella 3 seat sofa, natuzzi editions leather sofa
Price: $3,199.00
Natuzzi Editions B895 love seat
natuzzi editions b895 leather 2 seat sofa displayed in 20RE leather, chocolate brown, beautifully designed
Price: $4,598.00
Natuzzi Editions B895 sofa
natuzzi editions B895 leather sofa, beautifully made, beautifully designed with a linear look created by seams in the back cushions, and pipping. beautiful 20re leather
Price: $6,299.00
Natuzzi Editions B970 sofa
Price: $3,699.00
Natuzzi Editions B988 Rodolfo sofa
Price: $3,599.00
Portsea sofa - 2.5 seater *PROMO
Price: $1,699.00
RRP: $2,590.00
Portsea sofa - 3 SEATER DUO *PROMO
Price: $2,299.00
RRP: $3,210.00
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