d-Bodhi is all about using resources in the most efficient way. When recycling timber, they use even the smallest offcuts most would just discard. What looks like useless scrap wood is taken from old disused houses and transformed into beautiful furnishings for your home. Such recycling is already a huge step towards making less of an impact on the world through their production processes.

d-Bodhi's main target is to produce carbon neutral furniture that helps you give back to the earth. They believe it’s possible to create a socially responsible company that gives back more than it takes to enjoy a rich, full life, have fun in the process, and still walk lightly on the planet. d-Bodhi makes  monthly contributions to the Trees4Trees™ foundation for their environmental and humanitarian work. To date they have planted close to 65000 trees.

This philosophy aligns well with the ethos at Make Your House A Home. Respect for people, respect for the environment and a love of beautiful, functional furniture. Come in and have a look at our stunning range today.


Winner of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2016 Australian Furniture Retailer of the Year & Victorian Furniture Retailer of the Year