Leather Care

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  • Regular light cleaning of leather is important to prevent daily dust, grime, perspiration and body oils becoming ingrained and causing damage.
  • Keep your leather furniture at least 30cm away from sources of heat. Prolonged exposure to heating vents or radiators will cause your leather to dry out, crack or harden.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Semi-Aniline and Aniline leathers are especially sensitive and must not be placed near windows or in the open air.
  • Do not allow any pets to come into contact with your leather upholstery as their claws may damage it. Animal saliva and other body fluids are highly aggressive. Avoid letting buckles, studs, zips and jewellery come into direct contact with the leather surface.
  • Keep materials such as paint, fly/insect sprays, newspaper ink, nail polish/removers, pen inks, plant food sprays, hair creams & gels, bleach, glue and household cleaners well away from your furniture. Avoid all products containing solvents or oils, as they could damage the surface of the leather.
  • If leather furniture is used constantly by individuals on some medications, extra care should be taken to protect surfaces from direct skin contact as the chemistry in these medications may react with and damage the leather finish.
  • Dust weekly or use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Wipe clean using a soft damp cloth and Leather Soft Cleaner. Leather is particularly suited to people who are allergic to dust. Particles of dust are unable to penetrate leather and can easily be removed.
  • All leathers last longer when preventive maintenance is carried out. As a general rule, clean your furniture at least every six months to remove dirt as well as the gradual accumulation of body oils and perspiration.
  • For aniline and pigmented leathers, apply Leather Protection Cream to the surface of the leather to increase resistance to staining and prevent grime build up. Aniline leathers are highly absorbent and may require more frequent cleaning if they are subject to heavy usage. After cleaning, always re-apply Leather Protection Cream to renew the level of protection.
  • Take special care to protect areas subject to heavy use such as armrests, seats and headrests.


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