rug care


  • Vacuum regularly to reduce the abrasive action of soil and grit from the pile
  • A good quality vacuum cleaner will be needed to remove dust/dirt from a shagpile rug
  • Clean spills immediately
  • The prompt removal of stains/soil marks is necessary to maintain a rugs appearance
  • If stains are not dealt with immediately they may become permanent and even a professional cleaner may be unable to help
  • Never rub a spill
  • Instead blot any liquids with a dry absorbent white cloth or white paper towel
  • Some stains may be cleaned with a mild clear detergent and lukewarm water
  • If the stain cannot be removed, seek specialist advice
  • Do not machine wash 
  • Try to have your rugs professionally cleaned at least once every six months using a professional carpet/rug cleaner
  • Professional cleaning should be carried out only by a reputable company and they should avoid using any shampoos or cleaners with a spirit base


  • Often new rugs begin to produce fluff as a resut of loose fibres that remain in the rug after the manufacturing process
  • Vacuum regularly and this will reduce over time


  • Occasionally loose yarn ends will rise above the pile surface
  • This is a characteristic of this particular weave; strands can be safely trimmed to the surface when this occurs with a pair of sharp scissors


  • Is the result of lean or reversal of the pile direction during use
  • Areas of the rug may appear to have changed colour where the pile is facing a different direction
  • This is a natural effect in a rug, not a manufacturing fault and it can not be prevented
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