myhah DESIGN


myhahDESIGN is our "in-house" brand, an acronym of our business name Make Your House A Home.
It is the brand we apply to all products we either manufacture ourselves or commission to be made on our behalf.
If a product comes with this label attached you can be sure that it has met our strenuous quality control and is something that we would be prepared to have in our own homes. 
It will be bespoke, individual and not mass market - that doesn't mean though that it will be expensive, we cut out the middle man where possible to bring to you individuality at the best possible price.


Bed in a Box
The Bed in a box is extremely versatile. It's an ottoman, a coffee table, a sofa, a window seat, and best of all - it's a bed!
Price: $1,699.00
RRP: $1,799.00
Custom bar stool
Price: $799.00
Storage box (medium size)
This Storage box is incredibly versatile. It can be used for blankets, toys, books, anything! It also comes in an incredible array of fabrics making it easily customised to suit your living area or bedroom.
Price: $399.00
tapa ottoman
Price: $549.00
RRP: $569.00
Upholstered bar block
Price: $459.00
RRP: $479.00
Upholstered swivel stool
Price: $499.00
RRP: $543.00
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