For different people, a modular sofa is variously a holder of great promise, a source of relaxation, and a vault of fond memories. But ultimately, our customers tell us it’s the place they want to ‘collapse at the end of the day’.

At Molmic we are intimately connected with suspension systems, lumbar support and ergonomic design. We know our foams, fibres and cushions like they are old friends or more like part of the family. Comfort is a very personal issue and we take a very personal approach.

Modular lounges by Molimc are great space dividers in open-plan living spaces. They create separation and a bit of privacy from other zones in the house, and help make things feel cosy and inviting when you're chatting with guests on the couch. 

Introducing the MODULAR SOFA range by Molmic!

Winner of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2016 Australian Furniture Retailer of the Year & Victorian Furniture Retailer of the Year