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Shelfmate is a system of variously sized shelving units that will dress up your wall in a truly unique way. No matter the size of your wall, with SHELFMATE there is always a creative solution. You can fill up the whole wall, make minimalistic triptych-like compositions or place them even more randomly over the surface. In other words, time to let out that off-the-wall creativity!

The shelves are handcrafted out of quality reclaimed teak wood, a material which is, besides very eco-friendly, full of character and history. The diverse sizes of the teakwood planks allow you to choose the ones that match exactly the dimensions of your most beautiful objects. A shelf by its very nature has a supporting function.

Its practical function is to store or display items. We added another function - aesthetic - to the shelves' character and made SHELFMATE wall decorations themselves. The planks visually float in a frame that is positioned a couple of centimeters off the wall which gives the SHELFMATE its very light and elegant look.


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