Tuareg Dining Table by d-Bodhi

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Tuareg Dining Table by d-Bodhi





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A medley of reclaimed tropical hardwoods come together to create a spectrum of tonal browns, reflecting the various shades observed in the Sahara Desert - home of the relentless indigenous tribe Tuareg. With slim iron detailing that adds a contemporary contrast against its raw and weathered surfaces, our rectangular dining table features understated frame legs that give its design a weightless look and feel.

Available sizes: 

 Length (cm)  Width  Height
 250  100  78
 275  100  78


Tuareg Collection


PHILOSOPHY - Drawing inspiration from the myriad shades of brown observed in the Sahara Desert, d-Bodhi brings forth the Tuareg Collection. The worlds biggest desert contains sand dunes and rock formations that have stood and undergone changes since the dawn on time. The various tones that colour them are similar to the weathered colours of the mixed reclaimed tropical woods used for this amazing collection.


STYLE - The Tuareg Collection features a complex of different tones that contrast one another. The placement of the various colours against each other highlight the different types of woods being used, as can be seen from the colours ranging from the soft pastels to a murkier dark and anything in between. Typical for this collection are small wooden panels placed at the back of the racks to give an extra dimension to the furniture piece. The coating is smooth and sophisticated. The dark granite colour emits a silky glow when placed in the light.

teakwood Indonesian


What type of finish is applied to the surface of the wood? The product is sold as unfinished. During the treatment of the wood it is put in a bath which evens our the colours of different types of pieces that are used and makes it a bit darker, but there is NO special finish. 

What happens when I spill something on the surface, is it stain resistant? Teak wood is a hardwood so the liquid will not penetrate but will show on the surface. To avoid stains wipe the entire surface of the furniture equally (not just the spill) with a wet cloth.

What guarantee do I have that the wood will not expand or split? It is reclaimed wood. The handmade furniture pieces are a work of art. Cracks cannot be avoided and are in fact a characteristic of the piece.

How do I care for my furniture? Try to avoid placing timber furniture next to heating. In the winter, when the house is heated, put some water in a cup in the room to enhance humidity. This is good for the furniture and your own well being.

Can the furniture be used outdoors or in a covered patio area? It's hardwood so it can be used outside, but please note that the colour will change to light grey.



After years of working in the furniture industry, experimenting with the use of reclaimed teak wood in fun and unusual ways, Raymond David's founded d-Bodhi in November 2007. The 'd' comes from Raymond Davids, the founders last name, and 'Bodhi' is the Sanskrit word for 'enlightenment' and 'awakened'.

The d'Bodhi concept is all about using resources in the most efficient way. When recycling timber they use even the smallest off-cuts most would just discard. What looks like useless scrap wood is taken from old disused houses, bridges, railroads and transformed into beautiful furnishings and decor for your home. The design team have also introduced other materials like recycled galvanised iron, old boat wood, used denim jeans, old licence plates, recycled paper and old rubber tyres.

d-Bodhi gives a monthly donation of 1,000 trees directly to the Trees4Life Foundation for their environmental and humanitarian work. This not only helps you reduce your carbon footprint. It also has a positive impact in real people' lives. The small-scale farming families working with the foundation are among the most vulnerable economically. The trees are tangible investment in the future. 

d-Bodhi's mission is to be an international leader focused on the environmental and socially responsible design of unique, high-end furniture, home decor and lifestyle products. Through a strategic approach to the global challenges of the 21st century, we aim to align our business interests with the parameters of the environment and the needs of the communities touched by our work.

Click below to view the story of d-Bodhi "Old Wood, New Life" 


Our story begins with a tree. The durable Tectonagrandistree from East Jave to be exact! The tree is felled and the timber brought to a mill where it's sawn into beams and planks for use in homes. Years pass. The wood weathers and falls into disuse. 

In the past this wood would have been left to decay. At d-Bodhi, we see things differently. We see the potential of this beautifully seasoned wood and have a dedicated team of suppliers who bring us old teak wood to use as it is now worn out, filled with nails, cracks, holes and chipped paint. Most people would say we might as well burn it. But they don't see the beauty hidden inside.

Our skilled craftspeople carefully remove nails and hinge, seeing beyond the weathered surface to a richer heart within. Under their masterful hands, the wood comes alive again in individually created furnishings that will last for years. Touching the small nail hole, cracks or old joints recalls stories of the wood's exotic, tropical past.

After fashioning the main furniture, we ended up with piles of leftover wood. Searching for ways to use all this recycled wood, the smaller cut-off pieces are transformed into unique mosaic patterns in several d-Bodhi collections. d-Bodhi furniture is truly one-of-a-kind. No large machines are used to craft our collections. Only skilled hands using the ancient knowledge of traditional techniques and the simplest of tools.

Winner of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2016 Australian Furniture Retailer of the Year & Victorian Furniture Retailer of the Year