Howard Orange Oil

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Howard Orange Oil

Howard Orange Oil, was the first orange oil for furniture and wood ever to be produced. It is the original and is still the best by far, ask anyone who uses it! With Howard Orange Oil you get the cleaning power of cold pressed orange oil and the protection of specialised high grade mineral oil, every time you dust and polish. These oils help remove dirty and grimy build-up on all your wood furniture without drying out the finish




The Power of Real Orange Oil

Howard Orange Oil utilises the cleaning power of essential orange oil to break down dirt and grimy build-up on all household furniture. The result is a beautiful polished finish and the fresh scent of oranges in the air.

Finished or Unfinished

Howard Orange Oil cleans and polishes household furniture, antiques, kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as many other wood surfaces inside and outside the home. This specialised polishing and cleaning oil eliminates dryness in wood as it nourishes and enriches deep down. Can be used on natural unfinished wood and can rejuvenate oiled surfaces. Use Howard Orange Oil every time you dust.


  • Superior furniture polish, gentle yet highly effective
  • Nourishes and seals raw wood naturally
  • Enhances the beauty of natural grain in all wood finishes
  • Trusted on all antique French polished surfaces
  • Safe to use on all wood surfaces interior and exterior
  • Leaves NO wax build-up, only a nice shine and fresh citrus scent
  • DOES NOT contain silicone, toxic chemicals or "fillers" such as linseed oil.

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