3 Seat Narvik Sofa by IMG Comfort - Trend Leather

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3 Seat Narvik Sofa by IMG Comfort - Trend Leather





Our IMG Comfort Sofas & Lounge Suites are designed to be harmoniously paired with our recliners resulting in unique styling possibilities. Our rock solid frame ensures we can incorporate a fully steel sprung seat suspension and not just webbing. Our sofas can be customised using either our 100% top grain leathers, IMG fabrics or the entire Warwick fabric range. IMG's high performance Aquaclean range can also be specified. Experience the Scandinavian Passion! 

FRAME - Kiln dried solid plantation wood and structural composites are glued, screwed and corner blocked.

SUSPENSION - The seat platform features No-Sag Springs covered with fiber-tex for superior performance, comfort and support.

SEAT CUSHIONS - Cold cured moulded foam & fiber.

BACK CUSHIONS - Cold cured moulded foam & fiber.

OPTIONS - Available in 2 Seat, 2.5 Seat, 3 Seat, 3 Seat Duo & Chair. Legs available in cast aluminium black, polished or timber in any IMG colour.

WARRANTY - When you purchase an IMG product you also purchase peace-of-mind. Ten years on steel frame and wood frame breakage as well as moulded foam collapsing. Five years on mechanisms and moving parts breakage. Two years on leather and fabric covers. Two years on motors, craftsmanship, other materials and parts. SEE WARRANTY POLICY FOR MORE DETAILS

Please Note: Prices indicated is for a Narvik Sofa by IMG Comfort in ANY Trend Leather (pictured colour: Trend Brick).

There are so many options available we encourage you to CONTACT US for a very competitive price once you have made your selection or better still visit our gorgeous IMG studio to experience the comfort of IMG for yourself. Our highly skilled and very experienced sales consultants would love to help you find your perfect chair!




Narvik Sofa by IMG Comfort


IMG offers a wide range of leather and fabric alternatives selected to suit many home and lifestyles. Microfibre upholstery is another alternative that is both durable and stain resistant. New to IMG is the Aqua Clean technology which is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only!


Leather Options Click here to find out how to care for your IMG leather investment

No man made material can compare with the natural beauty of genuine leather. While initially more expensive than fabric upholstery, leather is recognised to be a better investment over time. Leather has an average lifespan four times longer that that of fabric. Today's active lifestyles require a furniture cover that can meet all the demands of daily use and look great for years to come. As a natural material, leather has the ability to breathe, be it cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. The appearance of finer leathers such as Prime, Trend and Elite, are characterised by the individual animal's history. Only choice hides are suitable for quality furniture upholstery, depending upon the level of environmental impacts such as insect bites and scars. The presence of irregularities proves the authenticity of truly natural leathers.

Whether you desire a racy red, powerful pewter of go-for-it green IMG have a plethora of shades that can serve as your foundation for great design. IMG offers four grades of leather choices to suit any décor, budget and maintenance expectation. The wide variety of grades and colours offered by IMG allows you to select leather that will meet you budget, fashion and lifestyle needs.

Leather is a natural product and every hide and every hide has its own unique characteristics. Colour and grain variations are normal and can vary from hide to hide. Common surface variations include scratches, wrinkles and healed scars. Colour change will occur with time, due to use and the effect of light.

Dye lot variations on hides and fabrics and might occur between samples, floor stock and delivered furniture. The appearance and colour of the stain may vary depending upon the type of wood and individual grain patterns.


Prime Leather is a top grain aniline-dyed and pigmented upholstery leather with a thickness between 0,9-1,1 mm. It has been slightly corrected and grain embossed to create a uniform appearance in both colour and texture. The careful processing and protective top layer enhances the performance and longevity of this leather quality. Therefore Prime is all about value and carefree maintenance.



Trend Leather is a premium top-grain aniline-dyed upholstery leather with a rich and comfortable feel. The advanced protection of Trend retains the natural leather characteristics leaving them virtually unaltered. Trend has an even, natural, plain grain pattern with a thickness of around 1.0mm. A protective finish has been added to minimise stains. Trend is the ideal choice for families that wish to enjoy the pleasure of comfortable quality leather that is robust and easy to clean and maintain.



Sauvage Leather is a natural milled top grain, upholstery leather made from the best rawhide selection. These leathers are exceptionally soft with visible natural marks. A slight two-tone effect creating depth and life in the article is achieved by using pigments in the initial coat, with later coats containing a contrasting dye. A shiny patina effect gives the leather the added characteristics. The thickness of approx. 1mm makes it ideal for leather upholstery. The natural leather breathes well and responds easily to body temperatures. Sauvage leather gives a desired two-toned effect creating a unique deep rich look and supple hand while the look and feel improves with age. Due to the nature of this leather, and the two-tone application, some colour variations is likely to occur within one hide and between hides.



Linea Leather (also known as Mastrotto) is a premium top-grain aniline-dyed upholstered leather with a rich comfortable feel supported by an extensive colour palette. The advanced upholstery protection of Linea retains the natural characteristics of quality leather. Linea has a subtle fine grain with a thickness of 0.8 - 1.0mm which is ideal for upholstery applications. Its a soft waxy feel coupled with a semi-matt appearance adds to its luxurious personality. The Linea range is available on all IMG designs. Allow an additional 2 weeks for completion.


Linea Leather Colour Options 1 IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 2 IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 3  IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 4 IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 5 
IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 6 IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 7 IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 8 IMG Linear Leather Colour Options IMG Linea Leather Colour Options 10


At IMG, we pride ourselves on offering customers maximum flexibility by providing a large variety of choices.
With this in mind, we are proud to offer a suitable range of fabrics specifically selected for use on quality furniture, to complement our leather selection. 

CLICK BELOW TO VIEW FABRIC OPTIONS - Click here to find out how to care for your IMG fabric investment

IMG Campa Fabric Colour Options IMG Caprice Fabric IMG Dream Fabric Colour Options IMG Habitat fabric colour options IMG Sicilia Fabric Colour Options

IMG Ultra Fabric Colour Options


Aquaclean technology is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only. This provides you with simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time. Aquaclean helps to remove the majority of household stains (wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate, cream etc) making life easier and giving you more time to do the important things. Aquaclean technology is an advanced fabric protector for upholstery for all kinds. It's a treatment that covers every fibre with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric.



IMG (Internasjonal Mobel Gruppe) is located is located in Sykklven, Norway - famous for its steep mountains in deep fjords as well the production and development centre for Scandinavian comfort recliners. As part of the Ekornes ASA group of Norway, IMG's passion is to engineer and design furniture that delivers world leading comfort and back-saving ergonomic support. Their vision is to create exclusive designs that deliver and exceptional combination of comfort, quality and unsurpassed value.

Within every chair and sofa - you will discover IMG's drive for excellence. Their philosophy combines the science of body correct ergonomics with old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Their entire range is designed, engineered and tested by their product development team and produced in their own vertically integrated manufacturing companies in Vietnam and Thailand.

IMG pursues perfection through attached experienced people and partners who share their vision and love of furniture. They strive to create and atmosphere for inventiveness and optimism - with a relentless purpose to improve and create better tomorrows. And they're dedicating to applying that philosophy to everything they do.

Please contact or visit us at Make Your House A Home and discover the true comfort and body correct support created by IMG. 

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