Impact by Shaynna Blaze - Chinchilla

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Impact by Shaynna Blaze - Chinchilla





Handwoven New Zealand Wool and Artsilk rug.


IMPACT by Shaynna Blaze

"Impact is a play on the traditional cross design, but with a twist. Positioning the cross off-centre allows the graphic to serve as a focal point for your room because any furniture sitting on the rug won't obscure the design." - Shaynna.








"Woven Simplicity is all about bold textures handcrafted by knots, plaits and weaves with soft, durable pure wool. I wanted to create a collection that is visually quite simple and organic, yet practical and divine underfoot" - Shaynna Blaze.

The simplicity in each design, aims to create a sense of attention and focus in a room without overwhelming the space. Four subtle shades have been incorporated throughout the collection; cashmere, ink, pewter and chinchilla.

"Each rug becomes a platform upon which to build the style of your room, connecting the other design features in the room", says Shaynna.



  • Available in 3 different sizes: 160cm x 230cm, 200cm x 290cm, 250cm x 350cm
  • No custom options available

The Rug Collection


The Rug Collection has been operating for over a decade. Their exclusive rug designs have been finely hand crafted to add comfort and style into living spaces across Australia and the globe.

Each of their rug designs are handmade by artisans in India, using age old techniques.

Regular visits to their production houses ensure products are made ethically and with integrity, to support the wellbeing and livelihood of every maker. Quality materials from renowned New Zealand Wool and Artsilk, through to quality wool blends and natural jute are used to weave and bring the designs and textures to life.

Design collaborations that support and promote Australian artists, designers and the Indigenous culture are important partnerships that enrich The Rug Collection and support the Visual Arts and local community.

The Rug Collection continue their journey of creation & expansion through their vision to offer unique rug collections that truly compliment a space and everyday living.

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