Lisa Smith, Interior Design Consultant and Director of Make Your House A Home has recently arrived back in Australia from the USA after a month immersed in the latest in interiors and furniture design. Lisa shares her knowledge of the global winter trends heading our way. 

"When touring the showrooms at High Point Market in North Carolina, I observed that the Winter 2018 colour palettes are still grey, all shades of blue, then green with coral close behind. Co-ordinated back with dull gold or matt black".

"Black is still going strong but not nearly as ‘overwhelming and everywhere’ as it was last year. I often have clients say that they are worried that black will go out of date. I don’t think black ever goes out of date it just gets overused so use it sparingly but purposeful and you will be fine".

"Updating your décor for a new season can be as simple as updating your cushions and throws and is really no different that adding a new coat or scarf to your wardrobe".




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When working with Make Your House A Home’s ‘Couture for Living’ clients, the MYHAH team works individually with each client to create a home that reflects their personality. When first meeting a Couture for Living client, we like to find out if there are any pieces that have real meaning to them. It is a great way to connect with the client but also provides a solid base to work with. The secret to a successful interior is to ensure space feels warm and welcoming, whilst subtly introducing the colours and textures of the current season.

Thick and textured rugs and throws are essential for Winter, natural, sultry shades create a feeling of warmth and luxury with the glow of a gorgeous candle. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures, leather, fur, felt and metallic finishes all work well together.

"Farmhouse Industrial is going to be the next big decorating style here in Australia. I was lucky enough during my trip to visit the Magnolia Homes franchise in Waco, Texas – the Chip and Joanna Gaines empire. For anyone who is a fan of the Fixer Upper series on Channel 54 (Life), this was the highlight of our trip. From the renovation of the Magnolia Silos adjacent to Magnolia Market to the new Magnolia Table eatery that had just opened the week before we visited (3-hour wait to get a table for breakfast!) it was not only aspirational but inspirational".

"Joanna Gaines loves decorating with books, and from what we saw at Highpoint Market everyone is following suit. Books, books and more books. Bundled together with spines colour blocked, old and new stacked at different heights, positioned on shelving or coffee tables. A welcome and practical addition to any home".

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This article was originally published in Bendigo Magazine - June 2018 Edition and has been republished here with full permission. Images courtesy of Shooter Photos and Film.


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