Couture For Living in the Barossa Valley


When Annie’s son moved to Bendigo she never expected that it would lead to the recreation of her house, or to put it into her words, she never believed it would lead to ‘feeling proud my house is now a home’.

Chatting to Annie and her family in the Barossa Valley, SA we asked what has changed in her home, the experience she has had and advice she would give to others who may be considering using Make Your House a Home’s Couture For Living design and furniture package.


Can you explain what prompted you to work with Make Your House A Home? 

It wasn’t like other stores I had been in. I loved the furniture galleries, which helped me to see a concept come together.  It helped me to visualise what could be. 

We have reached a stage in our lives where our family have now moved out, and we have the chance to buy items that won’t be ruined.  The new choices have accommodated our pets though!


 Pictured: Before the Barossa Valley Project


Can you explain the space you were working with and the vision you had for the space?

We had two zones, living and dining, that we wanted to flow seamlessly together.

I didn’t really have a vision, that was the beauty of working with Lisa.  She took on board the functions and our needs and then formed a design for us.    

I wanted to modernise the space while maintaining a relaxing zone.  Like my kids would say, I wanted to ‘Chillax’, *chuckles*, but for the area to be sophisticated.  

And of course, I also wanted ‘wow factor’ and to feel proud when friends and family visited.


Can you describe your style or aesthetic and how you briefed Make Your House a Home? 

I wanted modern classic with simple clean lines.  In saying that though, I wanted it to be ‘modern’ but without it dating too quickly which can happen if it isn’t ‘classic modern’.   We kept with a neutral base and I’ll expect to update accessories as trends and colours change.



Barossa Valley Mood Board

Pictured: Barossa Valley Project Mood Board


Can you explain a benefit of working with Make Your House a Home? 

Our house came together over a period of time, there were items we purchased straight away.  Then we found that we wanted additional items as we lived in the space and with the beauty of Make Your House a Home they were able to create these items to fit.  For example, after living with the coffee table (Globe West Baha Coffee Table) we soon realised that we wanted Ottomans.  Lisa arranged for ottomans to fit perfectly under the coffee table, everything came together beautifully. 

We had a table (TimberCo Custom Dining Table) that I liked but I knew that it wouldn’t work with the space because of the legs.  Make Your House a Home made it happen.  They were able to make the table with different legs and now it fits perfectly.  I guess that’s the beauty of having your own manufacturing facilities to create custom items.

We also had a media unit (TimberCo Custom Timber Entertainment Unit) created specifically to the size available along the wall.  Visually it now comes together in a way I never expected, there is harmony and tranquillity in the area.


How did you create the space from such a distance? 

It was surprisingly easy.  We liaised via email, phone and facetime!  I have been impressed by Lisa’s flexibility and attitude, she just makes things work.


What advice would you give to someone considering the Couture for Living approach? 

You can do a bit of research and have ideas. It’s great to keep an open mind going into it.  You’ll discover more ideas that you might like! 

Put your trust in Lisa because she can see the bigger picture!  She has a passion and lives and breathes the industry, aware of trends and their capabilities to bring a space to life. 

I found it helpful to look at their social media, visit the store and see the furniture galleries in store.  The galleries help you to see how a concept can come together.  

Also, don’t give up on the things you love the most, Make Your House a Home might be able to customise and make them work!


After the Barossa Valley Project

 Pictured: After the Barossa Valley Project


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